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TAG Heuer Calibre E4 – Porsche Edition

August, 2022

Two icons, one connected watch.
A bold and disruptive design, geared to perform.
An extension of your own sports car on the wrist: the new Circuit watch face carries four complications that connect seamlessly to selected Porsche models.

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TAG Heuer Connected “Bright Black” limited edition (500 ex.)

September, 2021

This TAG Heuer Connected Bright Black Edition is dressed in a refined black DLC sandblasted titanium case that fits its polished gold-colored ceramic bezel with 5N Gold lacquer & PVD details. This version brings an elegant dimension to the luxury smartwatch.

Exclusive gold-colored designs of the Connected watchfaces have been crafted to match this black and 5N PVD watch, so you can customize your look as you push the boundaries.

The new “Eclipse” watchface offers a sophisticated experience. In a range of hues, including green, blue and red, Eclipse is as subtle as it is unique.

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TAG Heuer Connected “Super Mario” limited edition (2000 ex.)

July, 2021

The TAG Heuer Connected SUper Mario Limited Edition brings you a cutting-edge experience with a surprise twist: four exclusive watch faces focusing on playfulness through Super Mario patterns, an exclusive splash screen as well as a Mario animated watch face which encourages you to get out and step up your physical activity with Mario

With this watch, we present you a new quest. Challenge yourself by calibrating your daily step goals and as you reach and surpass your milestones throughout the day, you will see an animated Mario in action.

The 2000 watches were sold out worldwide after only a few minutes.

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TAG Heuer Connected 2020 “Calibre E3”

March, 2020

The iconic lines of our chronographs.
The traditional elegance of our finishes.

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