My applications

Following are the Android applications I’ve developed and published on Google Play. Some are paid apps, some embed advertisements, the other are free.

I manage myself the after-sales support, bringing a particular importance to the customer satisfaction, and I try to keep every application up-to-date with the latest requirements (GDPR, specific countries laws, Google requirements, etc.)

  • Printoid – Remote for OctoPrint

    Printoid is the smartest Android remote for OctoPrint servers. Controlling your 3D printer(s) has never be as simple as now!

    With the highest support of all the information returned by OctoPrint, Printoid is reliable, stable and as functional as possible with the latest versions of this amazing tool.

    Printoid Premium brings to your 3D printer(s) a lot of incredible features, such as video streaming, custom commands, 3D visualizer, 2D simulator, support of multiple servers…and so much more!

  • Pregnancy Food – What can I eat?

    Congratulations for your pregnancy! The next 9 months of your life will be an amazing experience for you and your body. But this will also be a period with a lot of questions. This application aims to answer to the main one: what can I eat when I am pregnant?

    👶 Take care of you and your future baby
    ⚛️ Filter by vitamins and minerals
    🍽️ Check the main food components
    📱 Easy and intuitive display
    🍲 Amazing base of foods powered by the Ciqual table

  • RollingUp – Filament spool manager

    RollingUp is the best companion of your 3D printers: never fail a print anymore because of a lack of filament!

    This application will help you to manage your stock of filament spools. Just insert your spools in the base, and input the length (or weight) of filament you use. Add notes to your spools to remember your best printing parameters. Buy NFC tags (stickers or badges) and write your spools information on them.

  • CV Android Application

    This application shows you my whole Curriculum Vitae within an original format, and with a lot of information about me.

    You will find in this app the details regarding my trainings, experiences, skills, projects made, and a lot of other. You will also be able to contact me using different ways.

    You will also be able to appreciate my skills about Android app development, even if this application looks very simple!

  • Discovery – Word game

    Discovery is a mix between two popular games: a famous word game on a tray, and a famous 2-players connection game.

    Each grid is built by a smart algorithm, with real words. If you are stronger than the grid, you can build longer words, and earn more points than expected!

    But take care: you can only use the letters at the bottom of the grid… the next one will be available for the next word only 😉

  • Pixels Watch Face (for WearOS)

    Pixels Watch Face is a clean watch face which displays the clock as glowing dots on a matrix. Digits are smoothy animated when the time is changing.

    Many colors are available to customize the watch face: change the glowing dots color or all the other dots colors to your taste.

    Pixels Watch Face displays the wear battery level as a gauge on the left, and the mobile battery level as a gauge on the right. You can disable them if you want ! The design is compatible with squared and rounded screens.

  • Satellites Watch Face (for WearOS)

    Satellites Watch Face is a nice watchface for your Android Wear device.

    It is an analog watch face, which shows the planet of your choice on the middle, and its natural and/or artificial satellite(s) on their own orbit. They are animated: they perform revolutions around the planet, and around their center according real data gathered from spacial agencies.

    The small stars are glowing on the watch face: you can select in the settings how many stars you want to show at the same time (from the wear and mobile applications)

Company name: AS Mobile Development SARL
Address: 5 Square des Villebenettes, 78160, Marly-le-Roi (France)
SIRET: 880 715 545 00013
SIREN: 880 715 545 R.C.S. Versailles

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